Skincare Treatments & Products

Skincare treatments may feel like a luxury, but they are a necessity to uncover, restore and rejuvenate your beautiful skin.

Before any treatment, a thorough skin analysis is conducted for every client to ensure it is perfect for your skin type. Then, we customize the facial to meet your skincare needs. All facials also include a pleasant neck, shoulder and hand massage.

After the treatment, we teach you the most effective way to take care of your skin – an easy skincare regime to fit your lifestyle. We select the highest quality products with the maximum benefits for your homecare program.
All of our treatments are available for both men and women.

Choose from our variety of indulgent treatment services below!

Essential Deep Cleansing Treatment

A deep cleansing treatment that includes gentle exfoliation, luxurious deep cleansing massage, extractions and a mask to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.
60 minutes // $85

Acne-Cleansing Facial

Smooth, clear skin results from deep pore cleansing with gentle extractions and a calming masque to help balance and control problem skin without scarring or stripping the skin. (Designed for teens or adults with active acne)
60 minutes // $85

Rosacea Control/Sensitive

This facial treatment addresses Rosacea-like redness and is for anyone experiencing inflamed, sensitive skin. You will experience immediate reduction in redness as this treatment calms inflamed skin, cools on contact, strengthens the skin’s barrier function, and restores hydration and suppleness. To further enhance the benefits of this redness therapy facial, a therapeutic home regimen has been developed. Using both will provide a greater reduction in redness and sensitivity, while improving overall skin health with results that last.
60 minutes // $85

Skin Repair Treatment (Hydrating)

A luxurious hydrating facial that nourishes and tones the skin using rejuvenating products that include 100% active ingredient ampoule treatment to improve the color and texture of the skin. Based on your skin needs, our Aesthetician will choose from one of the following:
-Vitamin C treatment that improves skin elasticity and appearance
-Skin repair treatment for wrinkles, lack of elasticity, and enlarged pores

60 minutes // $85


This is the next level of advanced treatments for skin resurfacing. Microdermabrasion is a safe, non-chemical procedure that deeply exfoliates the skin and stimulates cell growth. It is effective for all skin types. Smoother, more radiant skin can be seen immediately. It works on fine lines, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, and firms skin tone. To ensure optimum results, a nourishing, hydrating treatment follows the procedure. For desired results, multiple treatments are recommended at 7–14 day intervals.

Face – $100

Face and neck – $120

Face neck and décolleté – $150

Enhance your Microdermabrasion treatment by adding a facial to receive extra benefits for your skin. It includes an extraction, mask, and a relaxing hand, neck and shoulder massage. Additional $50

Additional areas of the body can be treated upon request.

Micro- retinol Chemical Peel

Amplify results and recapture radiance in under an hour with the Micro-Retinol™ Treatment! Featuring an unsurpassed formula, this high-performance treatment combines a deep cleansing, potent yet gentle peel, and Micro-Retinol™ treatment to recapture smoother, denser, and younger-looking skin instantly! Suitable for all skin types except sensitive and acne.


•Unprecedented results

•Smoothes wrinkles

•Strengthens elasticity

•Increases moisture

•Evens pigmentation

•Counteracts aging process

•Rejuvenates skin

The in Salon Micro Retinol Treatment package consists of five peels. Clients have one peel done every two weeks for ten weeks. For ultimate results use in conjunction with Micro Retinol Home Care.
60 minutes // $100

Customized Facial

Customized for each client according to skin type and conditions, this facial is packed with result-oriented techniques and ingredients to turn back the clock. Cleansing, AHA-BHA exfoliation, extractions, collagen and oxygen-infused treatment serums and masks are designed to improve skin tone, elasticity, clarity and health.

75 Minutes // $150


The Compu Lift treatment involves using a combination of micro-currents in three phases to firm, tone, reduce wrinkles/fine lines, stimulate cellular regeneration and repair aged skin. This treatment works on three target areas in the skin: the epidermis, the dermis and the muscles. This treatment works to enhance circulatory stimulation, tissue regeneration and firms and tightens muscle tone.

60 Minutes // $120

Want to upgrade your package?

Extractions – $10

Ampoule Infusion – $20

De-stress Eye treatment (wrinkles or puffiness) – $15

Youthful lip treatment – $15

Skincare Products

It is important to us that our clients are able to follow the best skincare regime, so your skin can have that after facial glow daily.

At Paveh, we use the highest quality of superior products for all of our treatments. We also carry our signature products, at affordable prices, at the boutique. This also makes shopping for your skincare products quick and easy.

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